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Download FINAL FANTASY III Cache Zip ^NEW^

The Mods folder works in this version of Sims 3 the same way it always has. If you're having trouble getting your Mods folder to work, please refer to the instructions where you downloaded the content. And be sure to delete the cache files listed above.

Download FINAL FANTASY III cache zip

@nlferrari Please move your entire Sims 3 folder out of Documents > Electronic Arts and onto your desktop. Open the launcher to create a new folder, and download one item from the store, using Firefox. If it doesn't work, clear the caches for both Firefox and Safari, quit Origin and restart it, and try again.

With update 2.12, this just became the single most useful Launchbox plugin in existence. Particularly for those with large collections. You can finally use this caching system and archive your entire set with no launch issues whatsoever.This plugin was already impressive before 2.12, but I couldn't use it because launching all your games from a cache folder has the unfortunate side effect of making retroarch believe your games are all launching from the same folder, so Content Directory setting over rides do not work. This was a deal breaker for me. 2.12 adds the ability to create per system, or even per game launch folders inside the cache folder so you can still do your Content Directory Overrides in retroarch no problem!I'm so happy to finally be able to use this plugin. If you have a large collection, you should be using it too.

The Steam download cache functions like any other cache. While it makes it easier and faster to access files stored within the cache, errors can accumulate that result in failed updates and the content file locked error. 041b061a72

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