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Sealmaster Bearing Cad Files

Do you have the need to include bearings in your CAD design project? Why bother rendering them yourself when you can quickly and easily download the bearing 3D CAD drawings for free? Want to accelerate your time to market? If you answered "yes", then read on....

Sealmaster Bearing Cad Files

AST Bearings also provides the ability to preview your bearing 3D CAD model prior to downloading. Our preview function permits interactive viewing by using 3D PDF files (Adobe Reader 9 or later software is required to view 3D PDF files). eDrawings (developed by Solidworks) files are also available through downloading which also give you the ability to simulate, animate, configure, cross-section, layer, markup, measure, stamp, and so much more from their free plugin for MS Internet Explorer.

We have provided the ability to download our high quality bearing 3D CAD drawings in the format you need for seamless integration into your design. Currently, we offer file formats for at least 18 different CAD program (compatible with virtually every program out there today). These include:

AST Bearings provides access to all of its 10,000+ bearing products in its online catalog including high-quality bearing 3D CAD models and full specifications. Major product categories in this bearing CAD drawing library include:

The accurate diagnosis of a bearing failure is imperative to prevent repeated failures and their additional expenses. This comprehensive guide to bearing failures outlines the many ways bearings can and do fail.

The accurate diagnosis of a bearing failure is imperativeto prevent repeated failures and their additional expenses.This comprehensive guide to bearing failures outlines themany ways bearings can and do fail.

Our complete line of mounted bearings combines quality, innovation and affordability to give you the advantage you need. Our advantage-focused service means providing our customers with an edge over their competition. Whatever your mountedbearing needs, put our advantage-focus to work for you.

Regal announced on Oct. 5, 2021, that it completed its merger with Rexnord PMC creating Regal Rexnord Corp. Days prior, at Pack Expo Las Vegas, Regal showed new product developments involving condition monitoring, gear drives, industrial powertrain, roller bearings, a sortation system and worm gears. More on each follow.

Regal offers online tools and apps for Apple iPhone and Android users to assist with SS Hera selection. Users may select the right product using physical parameters and by entering a competitive worm gear model number. The product search and 3D configurator are user-friendly, quick to navigate and provide native computer-aided design (CAD) files.

Many methods exist to remove a mounted bearing from a shaft, but the Sealmaster USRB bearing with Time Saving axial groove makes bearing removal easier. Its patented design eliminates interference with the burr created by the setscrew by using axial grooves at setscrew locations that run the length of the inner ring. The axial groove in the inner ring bore is designed to provide clearance from the burr created when the setscrews are properly torqued to lock the bearing to the shaft, and extends the entire length of the inner ring for removal in either direction.

In addition to the time and costs saved during bearing removal, the design also reduces damage to the shaft compared to other methods of removing the bearing. This lowers the costs associated with repairing the shaft before reuse as compared to normal bearing removal and can eliminate the cost of having to replace the shaft.

The Sealmaster USRB bearing with TSAG is perfect for bulk material handling/aggregate industry and industrial blowers to list a few. But it is favored in any industry with the need for easy removal that eliminates shaft damage and speeds up change-out to get operators back up and running quickly.

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