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Rash guards (sometimes known as swim shirts) are multi-purpose shirts that are designed for in-water activities. The name comes from the fact that surfers were the first to use them a lot. To protect themselves from rashes brought about by friction and the board, surfers would wear a lycra shirt.

buy rash guard

Rash guards are typically made from nylon, lycra, spandex, neoprene, and polyester (or a combination of these materials) and can offer thermal protection, sun protection, and, of course, rash prevention.

This rash guard has no board short connector, which is a bit of a bummer as it can ride up slightly while paddling, though it seems to be a minor issue. The Body Glove Smoothies Sleek rash guard falls in the middle of the typical price range and is worth the money.

This rash guard provides you with 50 UPF protection for those long days on the water. The fit is meant to be snug, making it feel a bit warmer, so this may not be the best rash guard for hot climates. The material is flexible, allowing you to paddle comfortably. The stitching and seams are also unnoticeable, making them unlikely to lead to chafing.

The material seems durable, but the stitching may not be. I found a small hole in the stitching on the right forearm of my rash guard after only a single use. This kind of issue is not reported often with the Whole Hearted rash guard, and was easily remedied with a return.

This Scubapro offering provides UV protection to snorkelers and added warmth to divers who wear it under a wetsuit. The polyester material hugs the skin comfortably and is highly durable and abrasion-resistant. Even after using it for a few years, this rashie kept its shape.

Scubapro has knocked it out of the park with their Everflex jacket and, in our opinion, this diving brand has beaten some serious competition from the dedicated surf brands. This rash guard is made from neoprene for warmth and features a zip-up styling. The material is, as the name suggests, incredibly stretchy and will not inhibit freedom of movement in the arms, which is important for surfers.

The Keri long sleeve rash guard is an affordable rash guard but unfortunately has a less than ideal fit. This rash guard is tight on the bust and quite baggy around the torso. Surprisingly, the sleeves fit exactly as expected. Because of the baggy fit around the torso and lack of a boardshort connector, this rash guard tends to ride up a bit when paddling.

This rash guard provides 50 UPF and is made of comfortable, stretchy material, allowing your movement to be unrestricted. The stitching is not noticeable, preventing any discomfort at the seams during long periods of wear. The material also is also durable, so this rash guard might be able to last you a few seasons.

The Oceanic Lavacore Lavaskin has a fleece inner that feels really nice on the skin. The added bonus is that it will keep you warmer than regular rash guards whether snorkeling or diving. Thumb hooks make it easy to get into a wetsuit, too.

This is a great uni-sex rash guard for kids. The silky-smooth material is nice and stretchy so your child will be comfy playing around on the beach, by the pool, or in the water. These rashies come with long or short sleeves.

A rash guard is a great option for sun protective clothing that can get wet and dry quickly. For Women, we have long sleeve rash guards, short sleeve rash guards, rash guard tanks and thermal rash guards to customize your coverage. Thermal rash guards and wetsuit jackets will keep you warm in cold water and all rash guards will prevent chafing from your surfboard.

Outfit the whole family for the beach with our assortment of women's rash guards, men's rash guards, rash guards for girls, rash guards for boys, rash guards for babies and toddlers and even rash guards for dogs. Ladies, find a cute rashguard to pair with a bikini bottom or a women's boardshort. Men, find the perfect boardshort or swim trunk to match your rashguard.

Originally developed in the mid '80s for surfers as a protective base layer from chafe-inducing, over-lock wetsuit seams, the rash guard has evolved and expanded to become the top of choice for a wide spectrum of water sports. For everything from surfing to fishing to bombing down the mega slide at the local water park, this thin, single-layer polyester/elastane top comes in a variety of fits and features and solves multiple common "pain points" when spending extended hours in the water and sun.

If the water is warm (70F+ or 21C+), the sun is out and you plan on surfing, paddling, wakeboarding or engaging in any other water-related boardsport, rash guards are a must-have item to prevent discomfort from chafing and sunburn. Bare skin on the hard abrasive surface of a surfboard can cause severe discomfort in mere minutes and even the strongest waterproof sunscreens don't compare to the complete coverage of a well-made, UPF50 rash guard. Beyond protection, the rash guard is lightweight, form-fitting, does not absorb water and creates a "second skin" effect that enhances performance more than hinders it.

A whole range of more technical rash guard options are available for anglers in warm/tropical climates. When you're spending a day on a boat, frequent splashing and relentless UV rays are two things you'll want to protect against. The quick-drying, water-repellent properties of a rash guard can be a better lightweight option than a waterproof shell, while the full sun protection is an added benefit. Many fishermen/boaters opt for the hooded rash guards equipped with zip pockets for added protection and utility.

Rash Guards originally were intended to be tight, form-fitting garments much like a base layer or "superhero suit." As uses, styles and specific needs for rash guards have evolved over the years, there are now a wide range of fits, functions and fabrications available. These variations generally fall under two categories:

Loose-fit rash guards, commonly known as "surf shirts" or "surf tees," drape much like a t-shirt which allows for a looser, more casual style in the water while still maintaining the technical protective benefits of a traditional rash guard. This looser, drapier fit is also more comfortable when you're spending the day on a boat or at the beach. As a general rule of thumb: loose fit is your go-to option for less strenuous, extended activity in and around the water.

Performance-fit rash guards are tighter fitting and technically engineered for high-performance activities. Whether you're surfing in heavier conditions or wearing a protective base layer under a short-john wetsuit or wake vest, you're going to want a rash-guard that is form-fitting and ultimately functions as a "second skin," allowing you to be comfortable and protected in conditions of consequence.

Most quality rash guards are made from recycled PET (plastics) polyester, virgin polyester or nylon along with a blend of elastane or spandex. It's recommended to choose a product using recycled polyester since there are many brands in the market making this more sustainable sourcing choice without compromising quality or technical benefits.

In general, all surf shirts are UV protectant and have technical fabric, but the differences between rash guards and surf tees primarily comes down to fit. Rash guards typically fit snug to the body and often have crew or mock necks, whereas surf tees have a looser fit, similar to a regular t-shirt, but with the same technical features as a rashguard.

There a few different purposes of a rash guard with the main ones being they offer warmth in the cool waters, sun protection, jellyfish protection, and of course rash protection, hence the name, rash guard; because surfers tend to lay flat and paddle more than they stand, and this constant movement causes friction, which can often result in skin rashes.

You can choose how to wear a rash guard. You might choose it to wear it under your wetsuit for additional warmth or rash protection, or you might choose to wear it alone when the weather is more favorable.

Different prints and colors on the rash guard will personalize your rash guard, and make you look amazing. For unique rash guards with water-inspired prints, Aqua Design has a number of stylish and sporty options to choose from. You will not only remain protected but have a water-inspired appearance on the beach and in the water as well.

One of the most vulnerable parts of your body to the sun is the back of the neck, this is especially so as most people forget to put sunscreen on here. Look for a rash guard with a mock or high collar that will ensure this area is well covered.

The Spandex/nylon LOOSE FIT rash guard is designed to fit loose, similar to a T-shirt. It provides excellent UV, rash and jellyfish protection. (UV rating varies by color of actual shirt. The darker the color of shirt, the better the UV rating).These shirts are a great first layer under wetsuits or a great stand alone shirt for the beach, lake or pool. Order the same size as your wear in a t-shirt for a loose type fit. For layering under a wetsuit, we recommend going down one full size from your normal t-shirt size.

First things first, what is a rash guard? Also called rash vests, they do exactly what they say on the tin. They guard you from rashes. But where are you getting a rash from? They are commonly worn by surfers to stop surf board rash. For example my upper arms have been eaten up from rubbing against the side of surf boards, so having sleeves is helpful! They are basically swim shirts/t-shirts!

Rash guards are an important piece of clothing for anyone who spends time in the water. They provide protection from the sun and from rashes caused by contact with the water. Like any other piece of clothing, you'll want to make sure you choose the right fit when buying a rash guard. You don't want it to be too tight or too loose, so make sure to try it on before you buy it.

There are a variety of fabrics that rash guards can be made out of, so you'll need to consider what's important to you. If you want a rash guard that's lightweight and breathable, then you'll want to look for one made with a fabric like polyester or nylon. If you're looking for something that will provide more coverage and protection, then you'll want to choose a rash guard made with a thicker fabric like cotton or neoprene. 041b061a72

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