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No doubt about it: Fizzy drinks are more popular than ever. Whether you like flavorful soda pop or a classic club soda with lime (and maybe a splash of vodka), fizz is in. And while you can pick up your favorite bubbly bev at the supermarket, it can be a whole lot more convenient and healthier to make your own at home with a countertop carbonator.

buy soda maker

Soda makers are just the tip of the testing iceberg! Our Test Kitchen is constantly testing kitchen gadgets, cleaning gear and delicious food, looking for brands that deserve the right to be called Test-Kitchen Preferred.

I have since found out that Khols sells the kits. It is a way of making sure to get a complete kit from the start (by going into the store and personally picking up a box). It appears that the company (sodastreamusa) is sending out incomplete kits (without the carbonators. ) And it could be a month or more before receiving the carbonator(s).

Hi all. I still use the soda maker, and I still love it. I have not yet used up the first CO2 canister because I actually don't drink soda that often. But it's awesome for when I do, and when I have guests over who want some bubbles in their water.

People all over the world have fell in love with making their own soda at home vs. paying premium prices in grocery stores for essentially the same thing. Carbonated beverages are some of the cheapest and easiest things to make on your own with the correct carbonating equipment. You can make caffeine free sodas, diet colas, sparkling water, flavored bubble water, and more!

Many people have found themselves buying the counter-top soda making kit called SodaStream. The only problem is, you are still overpaying for that product because you are stuck with one manufacturer for their CO2 Tanks, refillable bottles and any replacement parts that may be needed.

Now on to the good news, you can get a soda carbonating setup that does the exact same thing, but for less money upfront, and you will save ALOT of money in the long run not having to pay $30 a pop for CO2 refills and $10 a piece for their carbonating bottles.

What you need is a Keg Outlet Home Soda Carbonating System! These Carbonating Kits come with everything that you need to start carbonating your soda and water at home, and cost less upfront than the SodaStream. The kit comes with a Universal Soda Carbonating Cap, which fits onto a standard store bought 2L soda bottle (and also fits many other standard sized bottles). This means no paying for over priced bottles that only fit a specific machine. All you need to do is screw your carbonating cap onto any standard sized soda bottle and carbonate!

I like soda like most people, but I hate lugging bottles home from the supermarket. That's why the Drinkmate Sparkling Water & Soda Maker is perfect. All you need to do is add your beverage of choice into the bottle, hit a button, and like magic, your drink becomes carbonated.

Despite its many competitors, SodaStream's $100 Terra is still the best overall soda water maker for most people. But there are others worthy of consideration including a sparkling beverage system that makes extremely precise and consistent bubbles without a CO2 canister. Another model I like, the fancied-up Aarke III Carbonator, is big on design but will cost you a pretty penny.

The Terra is SodaStream's entry-level model, but it works well and lands at the top of our list as the best soda water maker for most people. The Terra made consistently fizzy water with simple manual pumps. It's very easy to operate and doesn't take up much space on the counter.

Spärkel is a lesser-known sparkling water system that bypasses the CO2 canisters and uses granulated sodium bicarbonate and citric acid instead. The process of making a single bottle of soda water is slightly more involved and takes about three minutes, but this machine is also more precise than any other I've tried.

If design and aesthetics are important to you, the Aarke is pretty clearly the best-looking soda water maker on the market. It's built from metal, while most others are constructed from cheaper plastics. It also has something of a vintage malt shop appeal, and it's slim, so you can slide it onto the counter without forfeiting much real estate.

In testing to find the best soda water makers , it mostly came down to general performance, ease of use and overall value. I made at least 10 full bottles of sparkling water using each, noting how proficiently and consistently a machine executed its most vital duty of imparting CO2 into water. I also carbonated other liquids including fruit juice and wine, but found that there was really no difference in performance based on the type of liquid being carbonated. If a machine carbonated water well, it did so across all liquids.

Some of the machines took more muscling and pumps of the lever to get CO2 emitted into the bottles. Of the manual machines, the SodaStream models were the most consistent. But with five unique settings, the Spärkel electric seltzer maker made the most precise soda water.

I also took note of the sturdiness and build of each soda water maker. The Aarke III is by far the most stylish soda water maker and is built solidly out of stainless steel with five finishes to choose from. While aesthetics are nice, it's also by far the priciest model with a $230 list price, which keeps it from being the best model for most people.

DrinkMate OmniFizz: This $120 sparkling water maker did a fine job carbonating water, wine and juice. I don't have much bad to say about the machine other than that the hinge at the top that connects the bottle connects to the machine seems like it could loosen or break over time.

SodaStream Fizzi One Touch: This is SodsStream's electronic sparkling water maker and lists for $130. It also performed well and has three presets to get whatever level of carbonation you seek. This is another model I don't have any major issues with, but I just don't think it's worth the extra $30 over its manual counterpart, the Terra.

Let's use the rough estimate SodaStream gives of getting 60 liters out of each $15 cartridge if you use the exchange program. That breaks down to about 25 cents per liter. By comparison, the average cost for a 1-liter bottle of soda water is about 80 cents in a store.

These calculations are based on drinking 360 liters per year which is about 33 ounces of soda water per day, or a little less than three cans. The more carbonated water you drink and the longer you use your SodaStream, the more you'll save versus paying for the canned stuff.

Yes. A soda water maker such as SodaStream or the Aarke Carbonator has almost no negative environmental impact. If used instead of store-bought seltzer, these machines will take hundreds of cans and plastic bottles out of the waste management and recycling system every year. Standard CO2 canisters are reusable, too, which is why SodaStream will sell you a refill for half price if you return the empty canister.

Beyond making bubbly water, you can add fizz to just about any liquid with a soda water maker. Fruit juices, sparkling wine and beer that have gone flat are just a few popular beverages to consider other than water. But, heck, if you want fizzy milk, you can make that, too.

ALL of the soda fountain systems on this page are ideal for home use. They feature smaller dispensers that work well in residential and small office settings, but use the same quality components as commercial systems. They also include a 1-year warranty, pre-assembly, and an Installation Guide (PDF), which includes a link to a start-up procedures video for your style of system.

Most seltzer makers rely on CO2 canisters, which, at the press of a button, release gas through a designated chamber into the carbonating water bottle, adding fizz. Bottles are then covered with an airtight cap, allowing bubbles to form and build pressure, forcing CO2 to dissolve into the water.

Whether you are a soda-making veteran or just dipping your toes into this bubbly new world, the right tools are vital. We turned to the experts and product reviews to find the best soda maker for endless amounts of fizzy water.

In addition to making a great glass of seltzer, the Mysoda Woody is a fraction of the cost of competing soda makers. Quiet and versatile, the gadget is composed of renewable raw materials and works without electricity, making it ideal for camping and more rustic settings.

A collaboration with Pentagon Design and recognized with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, this sparkling-water maker comes with a one-liter drinking bottle crafted from an ecological bio-composite produced from waste. It also makes for an excellent gift for green-minded, design-oriented friends and family.

Sorry, SodaStream -- your monopoly on the at-home soda making market just expired. Keurig, previously known for giving you single-serve caffeine shots in the form of coffee and tea, is now offering another way to energize your day -- with cold soda. The new Keurig Kold drinkmaker system promises consumers that you can make a wide variety of classic soft drinks (including Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Dr. Pepper), "all at the push of a button." According to their jazzy new product announcement, "With a variety of beverages to choose from you can make perfectly chilled craft sodas, seltzers, iced teas, sports drinks, and more."

Whirlpool teamed up with Anheuser-Bush InBev to sell a new appliance for beverage creation, according to Reuters. The machine, known as B.blend, is the hallmark of the $70 million partnership. Much like Keurig machines, the B.blend requires capsules of drink mix to make iced or hot tea, hot chocolate, apple juice, soda, or a cosmo. Right now, it's only available in Brazil and has a price tag of about $1,150. The capsules range from $0.50 to $1.50, while the CO2 cartridges cost about $32.

Put simply, SodaStream is cheaper than buying soda or sparkling water only if you drink a lot of either type of beverage and if you pay attention to the lifetime costs associated with the machine. 041b061a72

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