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Buy Georgia Giant Bream VERIFIED

Holyoak claims his hybrid bloodline grows 300 percent faster than regular bream and can attain thicknesses of 3 inches, as demonstrated by the 5-pound bream. Holyoake has had his genetic process patented.

buy georgia giant bream

According to Ken, this is the only man-bred and hatchery-reproduced world-record fish, and it is the only world-record fish from which there is still a continuous bloodline to produce offspring. Ken registered his bream in the U.S. patent office 30 years ago and says he is the only producer of this fish in the world. The Georgia Giant can grow up to 10 inches long in 12 months, and anyone can catch one. Ken will be glad to provide further details. Call him at (912) 532-6135, or visit his Web site:

We highly recommend waiting to stock the Largemouth Bass after Bluegill and Fatheads are established. Bass and bream ponds are the easiest to manage. Ponds north of Alexandria, LA should stock at lower end of the recommendations.

Finding and catching trophy bluegills is a challenge countless panfish fans love to tackle. But tracking down humpy-headed giants with any level of consistency is no easy matter, especially on lakes that are brimming with silver dollar-sized sunnies but hold few slabs.

Yet for a true slab quest in an iconic northwoods setting, consider New Hampshire's 28-mile-long Lake Winnipesaukee. Hard-fishing guide Tim Moore chases 'gills there all season long, and says fish average 8 to 9 inches, with 10-plus giants possible on any given cast to two types of anglers: "the very dedicated and the very lucky."

In Minnesota, many fine bluegill waters rise and fall with fishing pressure and winterkill, but some remain constant producers. Osakis and Pelican rank high on the list of stalwarts, but for sheer elbowroom and the chance to chase big-water giants, Leech Lake merits serious consideration.

Panfish fans indulging a bit of California dreaming should include Lake Skinner on their wish list, given its propensity for producing giants topping 2 pounds. But for reeling in jumbo 'gills in a stunning wine-country setting, Clear Lake gets the nod as our top Golden State destination this time around.

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I have access to a pond stocked with these Georgia Giant hybrid bream plus coppernose bluegill. The hybrids will hit just about anything, whether it be a big Zara Spook or a tiny 1" grub. They are aggressive! 041b061a72

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