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Pete Davidson: Alive From New York

The men's feud began after the SNL star began dating Kardashian last fall. In February, West depicted himself kidnapping and burying Davidson alive in his "Eazy" music video. Davidson later texted West in a bid to talk things over, but also sent a selfie and said he was "in bed with your wife." (Kardashian filed for divorce from West in February 2021.)

Pete Davidson: Alive from New York

The summer's hot and sultry weather conditions can be dangerous for everyone which is why parents are upset at bus companies that take special needs kids to and from school. According to the Daily News, parents have repeatedly complained to the Department of Education about their children's sweaty, steamy commutes (many of which can take over 2 1/2 hours). One parent whose autistic son is "swimming in sweat" after his bus ride said, "Our kids are being cooked alive in these buses. I'm worried about kids getting heatstroke. I'm worried about kids suffering organ failure." 041b061a72

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