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Dhl Bee Certificate 57 __HOT__

I had a man contact me on instagram 2 months ago about a box he wanted me to hav e deliverd to my home. He said it was coming bydiplomatic courier thru Sky Express. And that money had to be paid for the airbill and the certificate of origin in Germany via western union. I had pictures of everything and was convinced it was legit. The emails from Sky looked legit too. What do you think?

dhl bee certificate 57

So I was talking to someone whom said they where shipping me there belongings.Inter-express delivery got a tracking number and everything, then his belongings got hold up at Urine..The shipment me company say they could not help me with received the luggage without insurance certificate through Urine.. when I googled the website for inter-express delivery global it says the money coverage included.. and I noticed the number was the same as customer support email with the same to customer support the address was in Florida it just seemed to scam 100%

We guarantee that all SPUSTOVA diamonds are solely of excellent quality and have been carefully chosen by our in-house gemologist at our Atelier in Naples, Italy. All of our diamonds are in compliance with every United Nations resolution and we do not source from countries in conflict. Please note that unique certificates by gemological institutes (GIA, IGI, HRD) are only attached to singular diamonds that pose a carat weight equal to or higher than 0.25 ct.

The wood of our popular deckchair is from sustainable and environmentally friendly forestry FSC (certificate GFA-COC-1156);as well as our coloring crayons, developed in cooperation with the brand STAEDTLER, made of wood material from FSC-certified, sustainably managed forests. 350c69d7ab


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