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"Luz Das Rosas" Obra apreciada pela Curadora de Artes Carla Fátio no Museu Casa de Portinari.


Arts Critic-Carla Fatio/ Museu  Casa de Portinari

Art criticism is a mediating process between the artist and his viewer, allied to the concept of art, and which, in turn, responds to the Social History movements. This is one of the keys to understanding the appreciation of Contemporary Art, in which subjective values make us think about the production of this Art.


One trusts in the Research and aesthetics of each Artist, by stating, through the timeless experience, that the individual and solitary artistic process corroborates to show a resonance with what one believes in and is produced.


Samantha Brambilla, her painting presents a “Visual Body”, which provides us with light and shadow in harmony, an almost imperceptible line, and a space worthily occupied.


The work brings translucency, gestural lightness that dialogue through its brushes, so that the viewer is attracted by the colors, by the lightness of the veils of tones.


Her contemporary trait indicates an artist with beautiful potential for pictorial observation, and artistic freedom.


Carla Fatio (Plastic Artist and Researcher)

Samantha Brambila, “Luz das Rosas”, m/s/t.

44th Week Portinari House Museum- Brodowski S/P

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